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How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

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The thought of building a kitchen cabinet yourself might be scary. However, the technique of building such cabinets are really simple. The professionals of custom kitchens cabinets suggest thinking that you only need to screw tight some boxes in proper sequence. According to them, if cabinet planning is correct, then all you need to decide is the right starting point. Below are the ways following which you can install the kitchen cabinets yourself.

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Why Do-It-Yourself Cabinets Are Best

You only need half a day to plan the entire project. After the planning is complete, you just need to buy some basic tools to complete the whole task. The experts of custom kitchens cabinets say that you must understand how much money you are saving just by choosing to do all work yourself. They explain that depending on the kitchen size you will save at least $500 by doing the installation yourself.

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Choose the Right Cabinet

You need to decide first which type of cabinet you want for your kitchen. There are two basic types of cabinets, with frame and without it. At first, you need to contact one of the custom design cabinet companies to make the best matching cabinet for your kitchen. You need to provide the company with the floor designs and appliance locations of your kitchen so that the company can make the right kind of cabinet for you. The experts of custom kitchen cabinets warn that you need to check the blueprint carefully before finalizing the deal. It is also necessary for you to order two types of filler strips for back up. To make the installation perfect, you will need a copy of the plan at your disposal.

Check after Arrival   

You need to check the cabinets carefully after it is delivered. The experts of custom kitchen cabinets advise you to open all the cabinets up and match with the original blueprint. You also check whether there is any damage to the newly made cabinets.

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Find the Highest Spot on the Floor

Just check whether your kitchen floor is as flat as it looks. If not, then look for the highest spot in the kitchen. If you find that spot then draw a level line to mark the tops of the base cabinets. If your kitchen floor has two highest spots, then place the board on both the spots and find the higher one between the spots.

Test-fit The Base Cabinets

Place the corner cabinets first. Then place rest of the cabinets along it as tightly as possible. If the layout needs the filler strips, make sure to leave some space for that too. Check whether the drawers and doors give one another enough space to open.

Install the Upper Cabinets

The experts of custom kitchens cabinets advise you to start with the corner cabinets. You need to be careful about the first cabinet because it will determine the placements of the other cabinets. After the first cabinet is set, hoist the next cabinet just next to it. Use the screw to make it stable. Finish the work by placing drawers and doors into their places.

You need patience to install the kitchen cabinets properly. However, once the process is complete, you will enjoy the savings that you have made by doing the work yourself.

Easy Hacks to Repair Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets form an integral part of every household. They prove to be very useful as it is often used to store a lot of useful things, starting from crockery to groceries and many more things. However, with the constant use of the custom kitchen cabinets, the door hinges get loose or the latches of the drawer break down or many other problems might crop up. So if you are facing similar problems with your kitchen cabinets, you can get them fixed with the help of some simple hacks.

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You can obviously change your entire kitchen cabinets modular set; however, going for a total overhaul can cost you thousands of bucks. Hence, whether you are facing money constraint or simply not in the mood to change your old kitchen cabinets, just try out these simple DIY hacks. These hacks would definitely solve your problem.

In this blog, you will learn about some easy ways to deal with the common problems of the custom kitchen cabinets. Check it out below:

Adjust Hinges or Misaligned Doors

If the door hinges of your kitchen cabinets are not working properly, you can opt for the Euro hinges. The depth screw would aid in the movement of the door. Hence, you will need to loosen the depth screw, bump the door in and out. After that you can tighten the depth screw. After the depth screw, you can work with the side screw and adjust the hinges easily.

Replacing Bad Latches

Custom kitchen cabinets come with self-closing hinges which shuts the doors. Some doors have magnetic catches. In case, the doors don’t remain closed, it might be broken. One can easily adjust the catch by loosening the screw and by moving the catch in and out. After that, the screws need to be tightened. It would make your latches back in action.


Adding Bumpers to Banging Doors

Do your cabinet doors bang too often? If you are to hear the loud sounds, you can easily bring an end to it. You would need to add peel-and-stick bumpers for the cabinet doors.

Replacing Worn-Out Drawer Sliders

Do you find great difficulty in closing the drawers of your kitchen cabinet? Even after lubricating the sliders of the drawer, opening and shutting of the drawer still remain a headache for many. To avoid such hassles, all you need to do is to get hold of new sliders for the cabinet drawers. Once you unscrew the old sliders from the cabinet drawers, insert the new ones. Your drawers would operate smoothly again

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Repairing Broken Drawer

Facing difficulty to store things inside the drawers of your custom kitchen cabinets? Don’t worry. You can easily fix it by removing the drawer and removing the drawer front from the box. The fronts can be removed as it is usually screwed. Once the screws and nails are removed from the loose joints, remove the old gluer and apply fresh glue. Leave it to dry and you will be able to get back your fully functional drawers.

Glue Loose Knobs

If you want to fix the loose knobs of the kitchen cabinets, you will just need to take the help of a tiny drop of thread adhesive. It would fix your problem.

These are some simple hacks for fixing any kind of problems with custom kitchen cabinets. Once your cabinet gets fixed, it will look like a brand new one.


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