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Heli Fishing for 3

“Hi, The experience was amazing. We were extremely impressed with the fishing and the scenery was stunning. Not only was the experience impressive but trythat’s costumer service was beyond my expectations. I would recommend trythat to anyone. Thank you for such an awesome experience!!” – Anne EricksonThis experience is offered in: Alberta

Bungee Jumping

“It was the most intense experience of my life!! I’ve been highly recommending bungee jumping to all my friends and I definitely want to build my way up to the biggest bungee in the world cause that was absolutely awesome! I also felt very safe the whole way through. Point is, I absolutely loved it.” – Noah MuradThis experience is offered in: Ontario, Quebec

Aerobatic Thrill Ride

“Doing an acrobatic flight in a Grob Bravarian was amazing. We did spins, hammer heads, barrel rolls, aileron turns and combinations of all of these. The pilot let me do an aileron 360 turn on my own. I almost lost my lunch. This is one of the best thrilling experiences I have had and I would do it again.” – ChristianeThis experience is offered in: Ontario

Flying Lesson

“The experience of flying was superb, beyond my expectations! The staff was great and in particular my instructor. They were very welcoming and informative. The feeling of flying is unlike anything I’d experienced before and highly suggest it, and it has unleashed a new desire to gain a pilot’s license. My passenger had a blast too and we’ve had fun recounting all the details to friends and colleagues.” – Tom D.This experience is offered in: Quebec

Rally Driving

“The Rally Driving Experience was amazing! The instructor was very informative and made the day to suit my boyfriend’s needs. Thank you again for a great experience!!!” – Tanis EnrightThis experience is offered in: Quebec

Hot Air Balloon Flights

“I just wanted to take a moment to say THANKS for your assistance in getting this booked. We had a terrific time. Our host Dan, contributed to the adventure by calling ahead of time, explaining about the Balloon Flight when we arrived, giving us a bit of history of the St. Jacob’s area and generally made it a more enjoyable day. (The pilot) was punctual, professional, involved us a little in the preparation of the balloon and from beginning to end, we were comfortable with the experience. Thanks again!” – Shawn SmallThis experience is offered in: Alberta


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