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Useful Tips to Prepare Wedding Gift Baskets

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Gifting is strongly connected with the wedding. When you get the invitation card, you start thinking what to gift. How about gifting something that has your personal touch? You can prepare certain unique present and gift it to the bride as well as the groom. The Toronto gift baskets is a great idea for that. If you are attending a wedding of a close person, you can gift such a personalized item to them. Let’s find out the items with which you can prepare such a presentation basket for weddings.

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  1. Prepare a Cleaning Basket

You may find it funny but think well. Cleaning supplies are really important for running a household. When a couple is going to start a new life, they will need such things to keep their house clean. Prepare the Toronto gift baskets with colorful mops, brushes, sponges, dish clothes, scrubbing brushes and so on. You can go for eco-friendly cleaning objects as those are not harmful to your health and the environment. The environment-friendly detergents, soaps, cleaners and other substances with the cleaning objects can be kept inside a caddy and tied up with a bow at the neck for gifting the bride and the groom.

  1. Go for a Pamper Basket

The wedding will inevitably lead towards the honeymoon. So, gifting pamper basket to the new couple is a great idea. What can you put in such a basket? Go for goodies, like aromatic soap, body shower gel, bath salts, body scrubber, bath bombs, body lotion and different types of shower and spa related items. Also, you can add hair brush, massage tools, small mirror, head, and eye covers, etc. in that basket. For icing on the cake, add a gift voucher for a salon or spa for the couple to make the Toronto gift baskets complete.

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  1. Make Ready a Gourmet Food Basket

This is an awesome gift item for a wedding. Fill the basket with chocolates, cookies, dry fruits, sweets and lots of other items. You can also add a cookbook and a gift voucher for a luxurious restaurant. Such a basket will be really dear to the receivers. You can also add a voucher to attend a special cooking class of certain cuisines that the couple prefers.

  1. Prepare a Crafty Basket

If your friend is a crafty person and knows the use of certain items, you can present her a crafty basket with needles, thimbles, sewing gear, scissors, quilt fabric, measuring tape and so on.

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  1. Go for a Gardening Basket

Make sure the bride and groom are fond of gardening. Then you can gift them a Toronto gift baskets of gardening tools, seeds of flower plants, seed-mixing can, watering can and so on. You also need to know that they have enough space for gardening in their new house.

  1. How about a Coping Basket

Newlyweds will start to cope up with each other after marriage. So, prepare a basket for them that holds tips books for newlyweds, laminated stain removal chart, baskets for dirty clothes, etc. Add a voucher for a sports club or community club for them.

Here, the Toronto gift baskets means not a literal basket. You can use the best container that suits to hold the items. It can be a suitcase, a bucket or a basket.

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